Pro-Active Sales Coaching Continued 6 months ago

In a previous post we wrote about the need for the salesperson to have constant availability of pro-active coaching software, to aid them in the planning and execution of meetings and other sales activities. This would be in addition to all the other software resources available, which could make the average salesperson just groan and think, “not more details to fill in”, but I’m not talking about another CRM system.

The software the salesperson needs would be like their sales manager, being able to pose challenging questions at each stage of the sales process but requiring the minimum of interaction from the salesperson. This software coach would also be able to give feedback on where the salesperson needs to give more attention and how likely they are to be successful with each opportunity.

Given that there are already numerous detailed systems available to the salesperson, why is a software coach necessary?

In a sales environment where deals are completed in a few days, the number of people and steps involved is likely to be relatively small and the salesperson gets plenty of practice at most parts of the sales process. However, in long-term, high value sales, which may take many months and stretch into years, the salesperson may not get to do some things very often.

Although they may have 10 or 15 opportunities on the go, they are all at different stages and this means the salesperson may not get to do things like close or negotiate more than once every 3 or 4 months. This lack of practice at certain parts of the sales process may lead to loss of confidence and poor preparation, where important things are overlooked or forgotten.

What would be useful to the salesperson in these longer-term sales is a coach they can refer to as often as they like, which will constantly remind them of all those details they need to get nailed down and actions they need to take to ensure a successful outcome. One that can be used as a guide to best practice and physically show them areas where they need to devote more attention, are lacking information, or haven’t yet done any qualification.

This software coach would be available 24/7 and be useful not only for preparation, but also in meetings, presentations and other sales activities, by being simple and easy to operate, as well as having almost instant access to the details the salesperson needs. This would be the perfect complement to the sales manager and provide them with a fast but complete overview of where the salesperson was with each opportunity, without having to spend a considerable time interrogating the CRM system.

Software to provide coaching on a pro-active basis would bring immense benefits to salespeople and management alike.

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