Build Sales Confidence through Sales Coaching 8 months ago

When Jim Cathcart, Motivational Speaker from Cathcart Institute, was recently interviewed about selling effectiveness in a Selling Power TV interview he immediately indentified three essential components:

1. Knowledge
2. Skill
3. Confidence

In order to be a successful sales person Jim explains that it’s crucial to combine knowledge and skill with confidence because each of these components on their own aren’t enough to consistently meet, and exceed, sales targets.

Jim outlines a pretty common scenario in the interview, where a sales person starts to panic in the final quarter because they’re fearful they won’t hit their target – that fear turns into panic, and the panic often paralyses them because they lose all their confidence.

So how do you avoid this cycle? Well, Jim points out that the best way to build a sales person’s confidence is through coaching because it gives each sales person an individual framework that plays to their strengths. It allows them to learn from their mistakes, which is key to improvement because “without reflection there is no learning”, to quote Jim’s friend the philosopher Kevin Buck.

This is right in line with how we feel about coaching at SalesStar. We think it’s vital to not only give sales people confidence but also a strategy so that they have a plan to optimize their selling potential.

We are working on an innovative sales coaching software application that acts as a constant coaching companion. It also maps out what each individual sales person needs to do to achieve their targets, giving them the confidence to succeed.  Stayed tuned for more and why not follow us @SalesStarApp.

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