Seven Habits of Highly Successful Sales Coaching: Habit #1 - Be a Leader 1 year ago

Introduction to the 7 Habits of Highly Successful Sales Coaching

Sales Coaching Habit #1 – Be a Leader

The aim of coaching in general, and sales coaching in particular, essentially involves achieving goals. For example, the International Coaching Federation states:

“Coaches help people set better goals and then reach those goals; ask their clients to do more than they would have done on their own; focus their clients better to more quickly produce results; and provide the tools, support and structure to accomplish more.”

In other words, the coach’s role can be seen as guiding the coachee to follow the following process:

  • Set a goal;
  • Develop a plan of action;
  • Monitor and evaluate their performance;
  • Refine the plan of action; and
  • Be accountable for following their plan.

In setting goals, you are beginning a process that will lay the foundation for a positive outcome. Grant (2003) asserts that goal-setting is one of five key factors for successful workplace coaching:

  1. Coaching sessions deliver an outcome that is of tangible value;
  2. Coaching sessions develops a strong collaborative working alliance;
  3. Coaching sessions emphasizes constructing solutions rather than merely analyzing the problem;
  4. Coaching sessions efficiently and clearly set goals;
  5. Coaching sessions manage the coaching process over time and hold the coachee accountable.

From these factors you can see that the coach is not there to act as a policeman or to use a “stick and carrot” approa to achieving results, but to work collaboratively and get the salesperson to look objectively at what they need to do, how to do it and set a plan for how to achieve it. The salesperson then becomes responsible and accountable for carrying out their plan.

The coach is there mainly to ask the right questions that will enable the salesperson to understand what their goals should be and how to achieve them. This will inevitably involve some discomfort for the salesperson and the coach needs to be able to move the salesperson out of their comfort zone and stretch them without putting them into a situation where they lose confidence.

Sales Coaching Habit #2 – Coach to Your Existing Sales Process

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