Sales Optimization App

Increasing the likelihood of winning B2B complex sales opportunities;
requiring no IT implementation or training


What is SalesStar?

SalesStar is an innovative new App for B2B sales optimization-on-the-go, available to use on Apple iPads. SalesStar self-enables continuous transactional sales coaching for each sales opportunity. It brings about the reinforcement of high-performance behaviour which leads to significant improvements in win ratios, forecasting accuracy and staff retention. It’s also very simple and fun to use.

It’s unique touch & see intuitive 3D interface is the result of over four years of studies and developments to design and build the app and its Cloud based system. SalesStar visually and instantly provides the “vital sales information” to sales leaders and salespeople on “how” to increase the likelihood of winning with “each” sales opportunity.

“The SalesStar app is like Rubik’s Cube in reverse. When your sales organization looks all scrambled up, it will solve the puzzle for you in no time. I’ve never seen a more intelligent and practical way to create order out of chaos and replace it with a revolutionary process that will lead any sales team to quota-busting results.”

Gerhard Gschwandtner

Gerhard Gschwandtner is the Founder and CEO of Selling Power. He has trained more than 10,000 salespeople, is the author of 17 sales management books, and has reviewed hundreds of software systems.

Why Do You Need It?

Because salespeople are not repeatedly achieving 100% of their quota.


The most immediate and effective method of increasing the win ratio is to substantially increase transactional sales coaching during active sales opportunities. But sales leaders are unable to take “timely actions” because they don’t have on-demand access to “accurate and vital sales information” at every stage of every opportunity.


CRM is an essential tool for “what” to do and “when” to do it, and now 10 years of research by CSO has shown that CRM does not increase “sales effectiveness”, measured mostly by the win ratio.


Detailed studies from the Aberdeen Group, CSO Insights, Sales Benchmark Index, and others show a very strong correlation between sales coaching and sales effectiveness. Right now sales leaders and salespeople continue to struggle to meet their sales numbers because there is an insufficient amount of transactional coaching.

How Does It Work?

SalesStar focuses on vital transactional coaching elements, which it does across multiple dimensions throughout the entire sales process. It then self-enables salespeople to adjust sales strategies and actions, and addresses the “how” in winning more opportunities. SalesStar also enables sales leaders to take frequent, on-demand timely actions because they can actually “see” the comprehensive range of vital sales information for each sales opportunity, by each salesperson.


SalesStar is not a sales automation system and it does not replicate or duplicate CRM systems. SalesStar provides best-practice guidance to salespeople about how to increase the likelihood of winning, whilst working more efficiently in close partnership with their sales leader. It does this through analysis based on a series of sophisticated transactional coaching elements which draws on more than ten proven traditional and contemporary core competency frameworks for sales effectiveness; all of which have increased the likelihood of winning in higher-value, complex sales opportunities.


Because one size does not fit all, SalesStar also provides you with the capability to add your own transactional coaching elements unique to your needs.

The breakthrough: consistently beat sales targets and self-enable continuous sales performance improvement


Hope is not a good strategy and qualifying out is not easy. Sales leaders need to reassure themselves that each opportunity is worth spending time on OR NOT. Lose often, but lose early, so you can invest valuable sales resources in winnable opportunities – that’s just one of the approaches in SalesStar.


SalesStar’s unique and revolutionary touch & see 3D interface is “very simple and fun” to use. It has been designed for immediate use by salespeople and by sales leaders. It takes less than a minute to start up a new sales opportunity and takes no time at all to respond to transactional coaching elements.


Transactional coaching is based on the “culmination” of best-of-the-best practices in arriving at a winning approach to selling, but also by providing a meaningful partnership between the sales leader and the salesperson, throughout the entire sales process.


Turn average sales performers into star performers by increasing their win ratio. Consistently increasing sales effectiveness brings about many substantial benefits and improvements to salespeople’s income, lives and your organization’s culture as well highly profitable additional revenue with our risk or increasing your operating expenses.


Comparative analysis between your top performers and average performers enables you to identify what works and why in your sales operations. SalesStar eliminates subjectiveness in assessing the likelihood of winning and reviews become more meaningful.


You can, at anytime, add your own specific sales coaching elements, which can be specific to a single sales opportunity or applied to all opportunities. Share, compare and discover more through our customer portal facilities.


SalesStar is available on a very simple monthly subscription through the Apple iPad Store. It requires no support from your IT department, and needs no installation or training. Test drive SalesStar today for free with one of your sales opportunities.

We are confident you will want to upgrade your subscription to the SalesStar Pro or Team versions, which you can do from within the SalesStar App. You can cancel your subscription at any time. For larger custom enterprise deployments please contact us for a quote.


We want to see every salesperson become a sales star in their organization.

Our journey began in 2010 with the passionate belief in the value of transactional sales coaching in B2B higher value, complex sales. We believe that personalized transactional sales coaching-on-the-go will have a long lasting impact on sales effectiveness, measured by increasing the win ratio.

We recognize that most sales leaders simply don’t have the necessary time or resources to consistently provide one-to-one high quality transactional coaching to everyone in the sales team; which is essential to do at every stage of the sales process, for every opportunity.

SalesStar will help sales leaders to bring about continuous sales performance improvement and self-enable salespeople to repeatedly beat their sales targets and become sales stars, enabling them to enjoy a higher quality of life every year.

SalesStar is represented by Keltie. Keltie are global specialists in intellectual property law, patent and trade mark attorneys acting in technology and commerce.

Niroo has a successful track record in sales leadership and is passionate about sales coaching with more than 28 years experience with international software companies.

Niroo Rad

Managing Partner

Steve is a contributor to several books and lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Marketing with more than 30 years senior management.

Dr. Steve Barnes

Chief Analytics Officer

Terry is sales coach, mentor and trainer with salespeople and business leaders with more than 30 years extensive experience with a wide range of businesses.

Terry Hood

Chief Networking Officer